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Medical Director

Stigler, OK
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Teresa Huggins
(918) 967-4560
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Job Description

The Medical Director is the leader of the Interdisciplinary health team of Stigler Health and Wellness Center, Inc. (SHWC). S/he is the leader of the physician team and supervises advance practice providers who provide primary care. S/he provides primary care for clients and manages inpatient care in collaboration with other center physicians.

1) Punctuality Showing esteem for others by doing the right thing at the right time.
2) Dependability Fulfilling what I consented to do, even if it means unexpected sacrifice.
3) Responsibility Knowing and doing what is expected of me.
4) Boldness Confidence to say or do what is true, right, and just.
5) Determination Purposing to accomplish right goals at the right time, regardless of the opposition.

1) Graduate of formal accredited medical school.
2) Certified to practice by Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision.
3) Experience in ambulatory care setting and preferred experience in teaching programs.
4) Interest and/or experience in collaboration with interdisciplinary health teams.
5) Possesses medical skills at a high level of competency.
6) Possesses OSBN and DEA certificates.
7) Has completed BLS Certification.

1) Participates in the provision of first contact care and coordination of continuity of care to clients of all ages.
2) Assumes responsibility for the care of a group of SHWC and clients.
3) Participates in the coordination of community agencies and/or resources in providing continuity of care.
4) Participates in the continuing education of medical staff.
5) Conducts and/or participates in-group educational experience for clients and families.
6) Participates in individual client or family education.
7) Participates appropriately in SHWC activities.
8) Authorizes Patient Care Protocols for use by advance practice providers.
9) Provides advance practice providers with consultation and supervision and countersigns medical records for them.
10) Assists with development and implementation of medical care policies and procedures to ensure compliance with existing standards, practices and funding source regulations.
11) Assists with overall coordination and administration of center health care services and activities including clinical indicators, health care plan and quality assurance.
12) Visits each clinic location on a regular basis, at a minimum, bi-weekly.

Specific Functions Regarding Patient Care:
13) Elicits a chief complaint, history of present illness, patient profile, past medical history, family history and review of systems. This includes the social, economic and emotional data.
14) Performs a physical examination, using the skills of auscultation, percussion, palpation and inspection.
15) Establishes a problem list and plan of therapy which includes teaching and counseling, ordering and performing laboratory and diagnostic tests for baseline data, diet, pharmacotherapy, activity using problem oriented medical record system.
16) Determines final disposition of client.
17) Makes appropriate referrals to other resources when needed.
18) Provides follow-up care for monitoring health and disease state, evaluating progress of each problem including patient education.

Specific Functions as Medical Director:
19) Assures that health care providers operate as a team. Conducts scheduled quarterly meetings with health care providers.
20) As clinical staff supervisor, is responsible for performance evaluations of health care team including physicians, advance practice providers and all professional staff under his direct supervision.
21) Conducts monthly practitioner audits for the Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement Committee.
22) Serves on the Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement Committee.

Professional Standards:
23) Meets deadlines to maintain current license and required annual training.
24) Utilizes the Performance Improvement processes in identifying the clinic needs related to any aspect of clinical care and customer service.
25) Demonstrates flexibility in work roles and schedules to meet the changing needs of the health center.
26) Maintains awareness of new information applicable to job, i.e. policies, meeting minutes, procedures, memos and protocols.
27) Utilizes slow times constructively to enhance clinic operations; assists other departments when time and workload permits.
28) Maintains professional appearance and follows established dress code.
29) Promptly informs supervisor of real or potential clinic problems.
30) Maintains confidentiality of patients and staff.
31) Employee actively pursues continuing education in order to improve job skills and performance.
32) Able to identify own areas of needed improvement, formulates goals and actively works toward those goals.
33) Utilizes appropriate methods to deal with stressful situations.
34) Understands organizational goals and performs job duties in a manner consistent with these goals.
35) Can be relied upon to meet work schedules and fulfill responsibilities and commitments, attendance, punctuality, dependability, initiative, productivity and efficiency.
Administrative Duties:
36) Interviewing and selection of appropriate staff.
37) Supervision and Scheduling of assigned staff.
38) Planning and Implementing Clinical Care Policies & Procedures.
39) Evaluating staff and their competency skills.
40) Responsible for day to day operations in the medical staff.
41) Completes all other duties as assigned.

Physical Requirements (Full description of physical requirements found in policy HR-047 )

Definition: N/A (Not applicable), Rarely (1-12%), Occasional (13-33%), Frequent (34-66%), Regular (67-100%)

1) N/A Crawling, visual acuity (2), work in confined spaces, exposed to extreme temperatures, and works at heights balancing.
2) Rarely Climbing and lift/carry up to 50 lbs.
3) Occasional Lift/carry up to 30 lbs., crouching, and reach further than arms length.
4) Frequent Stooping/kneeling, push/pull up to 25 lbs. of exertion, push/pull up to 50 lbs. of exertion, visual acuity (3), and visual acuity (4).
5) Regular Standing, walking, sitting, lift/carry up to 15 lbs., feeling, fine dexterity, grasping/holding, talking, hearing, visual acuity (1), operate tools/machinery, including office equipment, repetitive motions, and use/exposed to hazardous substances.

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