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Health Aide Trainer - Norton Sound Health Corporation

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Nome, AK
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Tribal Health Recruiting
(907) 729-2893
(907) 729-3638
Accepts J-1 Visas

Job Description

Nome is located in the Bering Strait region of Alaska. The region has 9,492 residents, according to 2010 US Census Bureau report. About 75 percent are Alaska Native and fall into three distinct linguistic and cultural groups: Inupiaq, Central Yupik, and Siberian Yupik. The population of Nome is fairly evenly split between Natives and non-Natives. Populations of the neighboring villages are primarily Native. Village economies are a hybrid of cash and subsistence. Very few jobs are available in the villages. Many residents still live traditional lifestyles, relying on the land and sea for much of their food. Village elders are the cultural and spiritual leaders of their communities. Subsistence gathering and preparation of traditional foods, Eskimo dancing, and efforts to preserve Native languages are very important to many of these communities today.

The current population of the City of Nome is 3,598 (2010 DCCED Certified Population). Nome was built along the Bering Sea, on the south coast of the Seward Peninsula, facing Norton Sound. It lies 539 air miles northwest of Anchorage, a 75-minute flight. It lies 102 miles south of the Arctic Circle and 161 miles east of Russia. Nome is located in the Cape Nome Recording District. The area encompasses 12.5 sq. miles of land and 9.1 sq. miles of water. January temperatures range from -3 to 11; July temperatures are typically 44 to 65. Average annual precipitation is 18 inches, including 56 inches of snowfall.

Purpose of Position:

Provide direct support, supervision, training and on-going evaluation of the CHA/Ps during training sessions, assist with field preceptorship and provide on-site support for the CHA/Ps, including medical supervision and evaluation and provide acute, chronic, emergency and preventive care to patients in our clinics.

Uphold the organizations vision, mission, and corporate values. Demonstrate understanding of and compliance with organizations policies, procedures, code of conduct and work rules.

Required Experience
Master's degree in Physician Assistant or Family Nurse Practitioner program

Two years of performing work in a clinical health care practice

Physician Assistant or Family Nurse Practitioner license

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