Job ID: 290123006  |  Last Updated: 11/17/2022

Substance Use Disorder Therapist

Hidalgo Medical Services (HMS)
Silver City, NM
Applicant Contact
Cathy Diaz
Director of Human Resources
(575) 534-0788

Job Description

Provides counseling and therapy services to HMS patients with substance use disorders. Conducts individual, group, and family counseling under the framework of state and federal law, the counseling code of ethics, and evidence-based practices and policies, and procedures.

1. Perform assessments utilizing evaluation tools as assigned and Treat First processes as appropriate.
2. Assist patients in development and implementation of their personalized, individual treatment plan. Treatment plans will be executed using various treatment techniques and therapeutic counseling skills associated with established national treatment standards for the treatment of co-occurring disorders.
3. Provide individual and group therapy utilizing outpatient services.
4. Support the 12 Step AA, NA, CA, GA, Alanon, OA, and CODA programs as directed.
5. Prepare and maintain complete electronic patient records on all assigned patients, making sure that all required services, forms, and reports are included, complete, and timely by HMS Policies and Procedures.
6. Assists other staff in the management of patients in emergencies, according to HMS policies and procedures and by training.
7. Responsible for creating and maintaining a therapeutic and safe environment for patients.
8. Maintain good working relationships with referral clinicians, including timely acceptance of referrals from HMS clinicians for counseling and patient support services.
9. Complete reports to area agencies that the patient may be affiliated with as required and with the appropriate releases.
10. Understand and maintain HIPAA and 42CFR Part 2 confidentiality standards relative to Hidalgo Medical Services.
11. Participates in initial and ongoing training on the EBPs utilized for patient service delivery. Maintains fidelity to the EBPs being utilized.
12. Coordinates with all Program staff to assure that all requirements of the Program are being met and patient services are integrated with other services provided by HMS.
13. Exhibits professional and caring manner with clients, patients, and families.
14. Assume responsibility for maintaining competence in clinical practice.
15. Maintain licensure at the highest level applicable. Any change in licensure status must be communicated to HMS immediately.
16. Actively collaborate in obtaining credentialing with payers of HMS services.
17. Regularly attend continuing education activities consistent with clinical responsibilities, personal interest, and in coordination with the Mental Health Department.
18. Participate actively in supervision, treatment team, and case conference activities
19. Consult with colleagues and be available for consultation with colleagues, students and other providers within HMS.
20. Provide optimal learning experiences and an understanding of the delivery of patient care to practicum and internship students as assigned.
21. Actively participate in peer review of clinical work.
22. Participate in chart audits.
23. Participate in appropriate HMS and community-wide committee and collaboration work, as assigned by the Chief Mental Health Officer.

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