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Hidalgo Medical Services
Silver City, NM
Applicant Contact
Cathy Diaz
Director of Human Resources
(575) 534-0788

Job Description


The Psychologist will provide assessment, therapy and consultative mental health care under the supervision of the Chief Mental Health Officer in accordance with their knowledge base, experience, and competence. In addition to clinic based services, the Psychologist will be expected to actively participate in outreach efforts in Southwestern New Mexico.


1. Manage appropriately, in accordance with HMS productivity standards, the immediate mental and behavioral health care needs of acute and urgent care patients.

2. Provide for mental health care that is comprehensive, coordinated and continuous.
Maintain good working relationships with referral clinicians, including timely acceptance of referrals from HMS clinicians for testing, psychotherapy and patient support services
Obtain and document a comprehensive mental health history, with a primary focus on the presenting problem
Complete and document an appropriate mental health assessment, with a primary focus on the presenting problem
Provide appropriate care, based upon a treatment plan collaboratively developed with the patient
Plan for and ensure appropriate follow up, including coordination with other providers and potential referral to a more appropriate level of care
Facilitate the scheduling of patients with other agencies when appropriate
Provide empowering education to patients as appropriate
Provide, at all times, care consistent with the highest ethical standards of clinical practice

3. Assume responsibility for maintaining competence in clinical practice
Maintain licensure at the highest level applicable. Any change in licensure status must be communicated to HMS immediately.
Actively collaborate in obtaining credentialing with payors of HMS services
Regularly attend continuing education activities consistent with clinical responsibilities, personal interest and in coordination with the Mental Health Department
Participate actively in supervision, treatment team and case conference activities
Consult with colleagues and be available for consultation with colleagues, students and other providers within HMS
Provide optimal learning experiences and an understanding of the delivery of patient care to practicum and internship students as assigned
Ensure an appropriate practice of self-care, including communication about this with colleagues within the Mental Health Department

4. Participate in quality improvement and quality assurance activities in the health care setting.
Actively participate in peer review of clinical work
Participate in chart audits
Participate in appropriate HMS and community-wide committee and collaboration work, as assigned by the Mental Health Director

5. Participate in development, implementation and dissemination of research, and incorporate research findings into clinical care
Collaborate with other health care providers in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating care for individual clients and for target populations
Provide support for community and individual preventative behavior through the dissemination of research findings through community outreach programs

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