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Clinical Supervisor/Therapist

Hidalgo Medical Services
Silver City, NM
Applicant Contact
Cathy Diaz
Director of Human Resources
(575) 534-0788

Job Description

Develops and coordinates all clinical client service activities within the Bridges 2 Wellness (B2W) Program, while providing clinical supervision to all B2W Staff. As a Mental Health Therapist, provides assessment, therapy and consultative mental health care to patients, including not limited to, B2W clients in both a home and office setting.


1. Provide mental health care to assigned patients that is comprehensive, coordinated and continuous.
a. Provide care to B2W participants (in home or office setting) needing assistance with mental health and substance abuse problems through screening, assessment, referrals, and therapeutic interventions. Refer participants to other mental health providers as needed or requested.
b. Maintain good working relationships with referral clinicians, including timely acceptance of referrals from HMS clinicians for counseling and patient support services.
c. Obtain and document a comprehensive mental health history, with a primary focus on the presenting problem.
d. Complete and document an appropriate mental health assessment, with a primary focus on the presenting problem.
e. Provide appropriate care, based upon a treatment plan collaboratively developed with the patient.
f. Plan for and ensure appropriate follow up, including coordination with other providers and potential referrals to a more appropriate level of care.
g. Facilitate the scheduling of patients with other agencies when appropriate.
h. Provide, at all times, care consistent with the highest ethical standards of clinical practice.

2. Assume responsibility for maintaining competence in clinical practice.
Maintain licensure at the highest level applicable. Any change in licensure status must be communicated to HMS immediately.
Actively collaborate in obtaining credentialing with payers of HMS services.
Regularly attend continuing education activities consistent with clinical responsibilities, personal interest and in coordination with the B2W Program and the Mental Health Department.
Participate actively in supervision, treatment team, and case conference activities.
Consult with colleagues and be available for consultation with colleagues, students, and other providers within HMS.
Provide optimal learning experiences and an understanding of the delivery of patient care to practicum and internship students as assigned.

3. Participate in quality improvement and quality assurance activities in the health care setting.
a. Participate in peer review of clinical work.
b. Participate in chart audits.
c. Participate in appropriate HMS and community-wide committee and collaboration work, as assigned by the Director of Care Coordination, Senior Mental Health Program Director, or Chief Mental Health Officer.

4. Participate in development, implementation and dissemination of research and incorporate research findings into clinical care.
a. Collaborate with other health care providers in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating care for individual clients and for target populations.
b. Provide support for community and individual preventive behavior through the dissemination of research findings through community outreach programs.

Clinical Supervisor
1. The B2W Clinical Supervisor works under the direction of the Director of Care Coordination to organize and ensure program development, consultation and planning as related to the clinical aspects of the B2W program.
a. Enforces policies, procedures, rules, regulations, guidelines and adherence to and compliance with client service delivery, confidentiality, and ethics, in harmony with the B2W grant requirements and HMS Policies and Procedures.
b. Oversees clinical operations at B2W ensuring high quality care that is trauma informed, multicultural sensitive, evidence-based, and in exemplary compliance with all appropriate codes of ethics.
c. Ensures staff completes all documentation according to applicable standards in a timely manner.
d. Participates in performance reviews for B2W staff.
e. Ensures, coordinates and/or provides training activities for B2W Staff.

2. Ensures review of all client files for quality assurance and quality improvement as directed by the Director of Care Coordination, and ensures timely and accurate reporting of this information.
3. Conducts clinical supervision and weekly case consultation sessions with B2W Staff, receiving input and making recommendations to staff. Report any irregularities to the Chief Mental Health Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, and Director of Care Coordination and ensure appropriate follow through on findings.
4. Ensures regular availability and communication between B2W staff and other client team members.
5. Oversees and reviews B2W clinical quality with the Director of Care Coordination.
6. Keeps abreast of current information on co-occurring Serious Mental Illness (SMI) and Chronic Physical Health treatment approaches, including of Evidence Based and Promising Practices that could improve the quality of services provided to eligible patients.
7. Provides coordination, availability and full participation in all aspects of any programmatic review, survey, audits, site visits and/or evaluations.
8. Understands and maintains HIPAA and 42CFR Part 2 confidentiality standards relative to Hidalgo Medical Services.
9. Performs and/or coordinates other special assignments and tasks, as required by the Director of Care Coordination, Senior Mental Health Program Director, or Chief Mental Health Officer.

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