Custom Virtual Events

Connect with thousands of Residents, Fellows, & APPs in the specialties you need to recruit.

CareerMD’s Custom Virtual Career Fairs draw the attention of thousands of job-seeking residents and fellows each quarter. Highlight time-critical vacancies in the specialties you need to fill and receive immediate inquiries from residents and fellows interested in your jobs.

Now more than ever, your organizations are depending on you to recruit physicians and APPs for current vacancies. To help meet this need, CareerMD is now supplementing its offering of specialty-specific virtual career fairs to include Custom Virtual Career Fairs that can further highlight your organization’s vacancies.

Custom Virtual Career Fairs

Reserve a date today, and your Custom Virtual Career Fair can take place in as little as two weeks. Hosted on a RemoteRecruitMD Platform that CareerMD builds and maintains just for your organization, your Custom Virtual Career Fair can support your medical staff development needs for residents, fellows, and practicing physicians in all medical specialties and in all parts of the country. Your RemoteRecruitMD Platform can further be used to launch a supplemental programmatic advertising campaign that uses SEO, geofencing, retargeting and other digital strategies to drive traffic to your vacancies.

A Custom Virtual Career Fair from CareerMD is:

  • Easy to set up. A virtual career fair setup simply uses recruiting materials that you already have on hand, whether they are print materials, recruiting videos, job postings or pages on your organization’s main website. Our development team uses these materials to create a branded microsite for event promotion and candidate registration.
  • Valuable, lasting branding for your organization. Your event is a fully customized virtual booth, featuring your organization’s mission statement, logo, profile statement, recruiter contact information, and information about your facilities and community.
  • Widely promoted to job-seeking physicians. CareerMD drives candidate traffic to your virtual event using a tailored advertising plan that includes outreach via multiple channels to job-seeking providers, academic training programs, and professional associations and societies.
  • Affordable. Physician Recruiters need affordable solutions. CareerMD drives down the cost of custom virtual career fairs by using our systematic, automated process for real time, dynamic campaign management. Pricing starts at just $1,700 for a single event.

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