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Programmatic Advertising, Geofencing, Retargeting, and SEO…delivered via the RemoteRecruitMD Platform.

Technology continues to transform the way that candidates search for vacancies, in turn transforming the tools that recruiters can leverage to reach them. Traditional job boards can still provide valuable exposure for your vacancies, but posting on job boards alone is no longer enough. To create visibility for your vacancies and attract candidates to your job postings, programmatic advertising – including strategies such as geofencing, SEO, geotargeting and other techniques – is now a critical part of the equation.

RemoteRecruitMD: A Turnkey Service from CareerMD

The RemoteRecruitMD Platform is CareerMD’s proprietary format for running programmatic advertising campaigns designed specifically for physician recruiters. Based on the existing recruiting materials that you already have and use to convey information to candidates, your RemoteRecruitMD platform functions much like a tailored job board designed just for your vacancies. This “tailored job board” features a wealth of recruiting material (brochures, videos, photos) and is designed to convert spend in to leads.

RemoteRecruitMD is a content enrichment and distribution platform that leverages our unique and far-reaching multimedia channels to generate highly segmented and specialty-specific audiences of job-seeking physicians.

Affordable, Straightforward Pricing

Physician recruiters need affordable solutions. CareerMD drives down the cost of programmatic advertising campaigns by using a systematic, automated process for real time, dynamic campaign management. Pricing starts at just $1,600/month. Sign up for one, two, or three month subscriptions, with volume discounts based upon the number of states and specialties for which you recruit.

It’s only from CareerMD

CareerMD combines programmatic advertising tools with the extensive reach and depth of its proprietary media channels to deliver maximum ROI for your digital spend. The CareerMD media network combines four distinct media channels -- in-person, print, web, and email – each brought to bear on a client’s unique recruiting needs. Leverage CareerMD’s synergistic multimedia pipelines to reach job-seeking physicians.

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