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Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine

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Celerion, a leader in early clinical research, delivers Applied Translational Medicine.

In Applied Translational Medicine, Celerion applies our expertise and experience to translating information gained in research discoveries, to knowledge of drug action and effect in humans to support early drug development decisions and the clinical pharmacology labeling of new medicines.

The name Celerion is derived from the Latin celeritas meaning swiftness and speed. Our name reflects our founding principle to help our clients get their products to the market faster.

Celerions focus is on the implementation of innovative strategies to generate key data very early, to enable go/no-go decisions in drug development. With a large confined clinic capacity of more than 600 beds (24 in-hospital), the ability to manage complex multi-site early patient studies on a global scale, efficient bioanalytical laboratories and experienced scientific staff, Celerion offers one of the most experienced early clinical research networks in the industry.

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Family Medicine

Medical Director/ Principal Investigator-Clinical Research

Lincoln, Nebraska Celerion -

Last Updated: 7/24/23  |   Posted: 10/03/13

Emergency Medicine

Principal Investigator

Neptune, New Jersey Celerion - Clinical Research

Last Updated: 7/24/23  |   Posted: 11/08/13

Internal Medicine

Clinical Research Physician, MD

Tempe, Arizona Celerion -

Last Updated: 7/24/23  |   Posted: 1/21/14

Family Medicine

Principal Investigator / Clinical Research Physician

Lincoln, Nebraska Celerion

Last Updated: 4/28/16  |   Posted: 4/28/16