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Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York
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Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Radiology

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About the Organization

Nomad is a completely online marketplace for finding freelance, temporary clinical jobs. Looking for a 2 week hospitalist gig near where you live? How about a month-long ED stint in beautiful New England? Find what you're looking for on Nomad.

Nomad is the perfect way for doctors to find short-term clinical work and to earn premium pay quickly.

With Nomad:

Find the right job for right now
- Using our powerful search tools, you can choose the right location, pay, and much more. Or let Nomad match you to a great job. But no matter what, work when you want, where you want, doing what you want.

Youre in control
- Directly contact and negotiate with employers. No more spam or phone calls, no more brokers pushing jobs youre not remotely interested in.

No more paperwork
-Automated licensing, credentialing, and malpractice insurance means more time with your patients and less time with your fax machine.

Head on over to and give Nomad a try!

About the Community

We place physicians with temporary clinical work across the United States.

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Diagnostic Radiology

Connecticut Nomad Health -

Last Updated: 7/24/23  |   Posted: 6/09/16

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine MD, DO

Salem, Massachusetts Nomad Health -

Last Updated: 2/05/17  |   Posted: 2/05/17

Internal Medicine

Physician MD, DO

New York Nomad Health - Urgent Care

Last Updated: 2/04/17  |   Posted: 2/04/17

Emergency Medicine


Massachusetts Nomad Health - Urgent Care

Last Updated: 2/04/17  |   Posted: 2/04/17

Internal Medicine

Per Diem Internal Medicine

New York Nomad Health -

Last Updated: 2/04/17  |   Posted: 6/10/16