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About the Organization

Austin Health Partners is a supergroup of pediatric and family medicine physicians who joined together with the goal of helping small, physician-owned and run practices stay independent. We believe that when medical practices are owned by physicians, providing the best patient care experience remains the primary focus.

Our decisions are patient-centric as opposed to profit-centric.

By joining these smaller practices into a larger organization, we are able to leverage better contracts and provide services for our patients that we would otherwise not be able to afford, had we remained independent. A prime example of this is our Behavioral Healthcare Program. We have hired child psychologists and licensed clinical therapists to help our patients and their families not only during crises, but also for those every-day issues that families need help navigating.

We also support and save on operating costs by sharing centralized office personnel such as Human Resources, Marketing, Billing, Operations and IT. In short, we are able to provide the best medical care at the lowest cost which is a key component in todays healthcare environment.

We have created a realistic working environment for our physicians, other providers and staff that strives to help us all maintain a healthy work-life balance so we can thrive not only at work but also at home and in our communities.

About the Community

AHP is seeking board-certified Pediatricians to join our growing team. Our ideal candidate is passionate about making an impact on the communitys well-being. Our patients are at the heart of all the decisions we make. Join us in the opportunity to be part of a life-changing career.

Joining with Austin Health Partners allows you the opportunity to practice medicine in a way that is ideally fit for you.

If you want your primary focus to be solely on providing patient care, then AHP has the resources and capabilities available to ensure that the business aspect of running a practice is managed successfully.
If you are interested in not only providing medical care but also would like to be a part of the decision-making on a business-level, then we also have many opportunities for you to become involved, learn, and grow in healthcare management.
We also have partnership tracks available for interested physicians.

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