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Becoming a doctor is one of the most challenging education paths you can choose for yourself. You have to want it, and to know why you want it: to help people, to heal sickness and cure disease, to solve medical mysteries and make scientific discoveries. The reasons for becoming a doctor are noble, but unfortunately there are plenty of nuisances and distractions once you hit the real world. Running your own office means watching insurance reimbursement rates dwindle while exorbitant malpractice insurance premiums skyrocket, all while you deal with the red tape of staffing and furnishing an office. But as a Navy Physician, all those nuisances are handled for youfrom cutting through the red tape to covering the expensesso you can get back to the real reasons you became a doctor and focus on what really matters: treating the Sailors and Marines who keep our country safe and the families who support them.

Navy Physicians also:

Earn excellent compensation in an established, thriving practice
Experience manageable patient ratios for high-quality, one-on-one care
Receive hands-on experience and Navy-funded advanced training
Enjoy a flexible schedule that leaves more time for family and personal pursuits
In addition to the honor of becoming an Officer in the Navy Medical Corps, youll be afforded the opportunity to attend the medical school of your choice and graduate debt-free through our scholarship and loan repayment programs. From up to a $400,000 sign-on bonus, to up to 100% tuition coverage, to a generous housing allowance, the education opportunities and financial rewards stack high for those pursuing a career as a Navy Physician. When you choose to invest your skills in the Navy, we invest in your future.

About the Community

Navy Physicians may serve at any one of more than 250 Navy and medical facilities around the globe, from Hawaii to Japan, Germany to Guam, and Washington, D.C. to Washington state. As a Navy Physician, you could work at one of the highly acclaimed National Naval Medical Centers in Bethesda, MD; Portsmouth, VA; and San Diego, CA. Or you could provide medical support to deployed troops aboard one of two dedicated hospital shipsthe USNS Comfort and USNS Mercy. Still more opportunities are available aboard a surface ship, working closely with a nearby aircraft squadron, or even with the Fleet Marine Force.

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General Surgery

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Other: Nursing


Oklahoma U.S. Navy -

Last Updated: 1/20/22  |   Posted: 1/20/22